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athletics hall of fame

La Lumiere Hall of Fame

La Lumiere School is proud to recognize alumni and coaches for outstanding contributions to our athletic program. Their commitment, achievement, and sense of sportsmanship set the standard for the young athletes who follow in their footsteps today.

This year’s class of inductees spans the years since the founding of the School in 1963 through the Class of 1983. Future induction
ceremonies will consider alumni from 1983 forward.

Inductees are chosen based on a level of excellence and commitment to a particular sport. Consideration is also given to candidates who participated in multiple sports during their careers, even if their level of success varied in those sports. For further details about process
and criteria for induction to the Hall of Fame, please click here.

. . .

2016 Individual Inductees to the Athletic Hall of Fame:

Mike Canan, Class of 1981: Soccer, wrestling, baseball, and track

David Collins, Class of 1977: Soccer, wrestling, and baseball

Charlie Comiskey, Class of 1971: Football, wrestling, and track

Rick Everist, Class of 1973: Football, basketball, and track

Kathleen Kennedy, Class of 1983: Volleyball, basketball, and track

Ron March, Class of 1982: Soccer, wrestling, and track

Pat O’Malley, Class of 1979: Football, wrestling, baseball, and track

Bob Shiels, Class of 1983: Soccer, basketball, baseball, and track

Kevin Sullivan, Class of 1983: Soccer, wrestling, and track

Mike Webster, Class of 1983: Football, wrestling, and track

Paul Wing, Class of 1970: Football, wrestling, and track

. . .

Laker Wrestling Teams from 1971-1972, 1972-1973, and 1973-1974

During the late 60’s through the mid 70’s, La Lumiere School was a wrestling powerhouse. During three seasons from 1971 through 1974, our Laker wrestling teams earned a record of 28 wins, one loss, and one tie. The following members of these teams were inducted as a single group:

Neil Barclay ’72 Paris Barclay ’74 Gregory Beucher ’73 John Callahan ’75*
Thaddeus Compall ’72 Thomas Compall ’73* Allen Filipic ’73 Peter Flenner ’77
Howard Griffin ’74 John Hillenbrand ’74 William Ketcham ’74 Jimmie Lawson ’75
Bradley Lindborg ’72 Robert Madden ’75 Mark Magness ’73 Matthew Magness ’75
Charles Maloney ’72 Patrick Marsch ’72 Louis McArdle ’72* Douglas Newcombe ’73*
Stephen Paul ’74 John Powell ’75 Peter Ricci ’73 John Roberts ’73
Peter Rodgers ’74 Michael Shannon ’73 Michael Sheridan ’73 Robert Smith ’74*
Lawrence Sullivan ’76 Richard Todd ’75 Thomas M. Wing ’73 William Zegers ’75




Here you will find a full list of La Lumiere Athletic Hall of Fame inductees.