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Academics at La Lumiere School

The core of our mission is to nurture and develop the whole person in an academically challenging environment that promotes active engagement and personal responsibility.
Our curriculum provides a traditional foundation in mathematics, social and physical sciences, theology, ethics, foreign language, English literature and composition, and rhetoric. The program places special emphasis on critical thinking and the mastery of oral and written communication. This foundation provides La Lumiere graduates with a distinct advantage over most of their peers: they are trained to think critically, articulate clearly, and
take action confidently—with a solid awareness of morals and values.

Led by an exceptional faculty who are masters of their craft and dedicated life-long learners, each course has the implicit development of skills which promote good study habits, critical thinking, and problem solving. Students also develop the ability to understand the relevance of new ideas and integrate these new ideas into their lives and the lives of others. The academic and social challenges provide our students with the opportunity to consume knowledge, but also to produce it; to follow well, but also to lead; to be self-aware, but also to grow. Through this growth, La Lumiere develops young men and women who have the ability to not only perform well in the classroom, but also to synthesize information and develop new ideas on their own that may benefit their community and their world.