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Prefect Leadership System

The La Lumiere Prefect System challenges 10 student leaders each year to serve their school through significant contributions in all areas of the School community, including student life, admissions, community service, spiritual life, residential life, and the overall quality of the school experience. These leaders oversee councils of selected students and together establish a full range of student ownership and involvement. All Prefects uphold the motto and vision of the school and what it stands for in word, action, and deed.

prefect-logo HEAD PREFECT
The Head Prefect must be a senior and is responsible for the overall management of the entire Prefect system. He or she willingly performs the duties and responsibilities of all those who report to them, as well as various duties and responsibilities unique to this position. They will be in charge of promoting student led initiatives and reviewing policies that directly impact student life. The Head Prefect is responsible for managing and shaping student perceptions about the rules and regulations that apply to daily life at La Lumiere.
The Academic Prefect helps coordinate educational programming involving academic integrity. His or her main responsibility is to cultivate an attitude of learning in our student body via assemblies and larger school functions. He or she will directly oversee the Academic and Community councils and Martin Luther King Day programming. In addition, he or she will be responsible for extracurricular academic opportunities that directly impact the student body.
The Admissions Prefect is responsible for assisting in the Admissions Office and working with the Director of Admissions. The primary responsibility is to schedule Blue Key students to host prospective students and families at the School. In addition, the Admissions Prefect is responsible for directing a student welcome program for all new students and helping them adjust to life at La Lumiere. He or she will organize Visit Day events.
The Athletic Prefect is responsible for morale, school spirit, and what it means to be a student athlete at La Lumiere School. The primary duties of the Athletic Prefect include overseeing Spirit Week, and they serve as the head of the Captains Council. In addition, they look for opportunities to advance our athletic programs and work to promote athletic events.
The Co-Curricular Prefect is responsible for school spirit, enthusiasm, and shaping student perception about what it means to be a student at La Lumiere School. The primary duties of the Co-Curricular Prefect is to oversee all student led activities including dances, Headmaster’s Cup competitions, WinterFest, and other events that affect morale and student attitudes toward the School. In addition, they may oversee the school yearbook.
The Hospitality Prefect is the student liaison to food services. The primary duties of the Hospitality Prefect include, overseeing the management of the school store, coordinating input and volunteers for all food service on campus. This includes the traditional Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners and the Taste of La Lumiere.
The Residential Life Prefects are responsible for providing leadership among the boarding students, serving as the liaison to the faculty and maintaining morale and a cohesive residential life at La Lumiere School. Two students may be chosen for this role, one boy and one girl.
The Spiritual Life Prefect or “Sacristan” is responsible for the promotion of spiritual awareness and pursuit of faith within the School community. The Sacristan Prefect will also be called on to open a variety of programs with prayer and to serve as a spiritual leader among our students and faculty. He or she is encouraged to coordinate and to facilitate student prayer groups within the School.
The Serviam Prefect is responsible for developing and maintaining a willingness to serve, cultivating a servant’s heart in each faculty member and student. The Serviam Prefect’s primary responsibilities will include promoting community service and announcing service opportunities. In addition, he or she is responsible for assisting in the planning and implementation of La Lumiere outreach programs for the academic year.