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La Lu Winter Production 2017

This year’s winter production is many people’s favorite Shakespearean comedy A Midsummer Night’s Dream. This enchanting and light-hearted tale is suitable for all ages to enjoy. There will be two performances, one on Wednesday, Feb. 15 and the second on Thursday, Feb. 16 in the Fine Arts Building.


The Drama Program at La Lumiere continues to grow each year. Theatre is an integral aspect of the educational process. published a compilation of over sixty educational surveys about student involvement in the performing arts. In every survey, participation in the arts was shown to increase student retention, raise grade point averages, and elevate ACT and SAT scores. La Lumiere recognizes the need for a more extensive theatre program to add breadth and depth to the educational lives of our students.

In the elective course in Acting, students meet daily with our Drama instructor to explore dramatic literature.
La Lumiere students actively learn the basics of Acting using Uta Hagen’s text Respect for the Actor, and many other theatrical resources.

Our tradition consists of a play production in the winter season and a series of student-written plays in the spring. These are exciting times for the performing arts at La Lumiere. Student involvement in theatre and music is vibrant and the standards of production with every show we present are high.