Brad Poore

Creative Arts Chair, Music

My students call me:
BPoore (email handle), which can be interpreted as you like

What I do at La Lu:
Creative Arts Chair, Music teacher, Manager of the hole puncher

I knew I wanted to work at La Lu when:
I filled in as an assistant crew coach: "Row, row, row your boat..."

My favorite teaching moment:
When the students in crew asked me, at the end of the only season of crew that I helped coach, if I actually knew anything about crew besides steering the motor boat behind the crew boats.

My favorite spot on campus:
The view of the sky, and the pines, along the walk-way between the main office and the FAB, facing the parking lot (looking up). Its a point at which I feel like I am peering out into the universe.

When I’m not in class I can be found:
Preparing music for classes and rehearsals in the FAB and main office.

The most important book, movie, scientific discovery, piece of art, or piece of music to me is:
The first time I heard Beethoven's 9th Symphony, from beginning to end, was a profound experience for me. I listened to it over and over and still find it amazing today. But I also think that more contemporary composers, like Arvo Pärt and Caroline Shaw, speak to our present circumstance in a way that Beethoven doesn't. These newer composers are models for me as a musician.

A professional accomplishment that I am proud of is:
Recently completing a composition, Suite for Cello and Piano, and debuting it in Chicago at the PianoForte Strings Open House. I was also thrilled to perform the piece for my students, and the whole school, for an Assembly/Chapel event. I love teaching, but I also thrive on creativity, asking myself the question, "what kind of music would I like to hear?" and then working on bringing it to life.

If I wasn’t a teacher, I would be:
I can't imagine not teaching, but one of my dreams is to write a score for a professional ballet or modern dance company, collaborating with a choreographer. I hope to reach that goal eventually, even while also maintaining my role as a music teacher.

Wisdom I have to offer about character, scholarship, and/or faith:
My own approach to life is very influence by all three of these areas. I consider my vocation to be a husband, musician, and a teacher, each roles in which I constantly grow, and which I never fully "arrive" at being completely. My advice to others would be to strive to find an internal light to live by, rather than making decisions based solely on external criteria. I think God speaks to us in our heart and that we will find an internal wisdom if we give ourselves time to reflect and listen to what's inside of ourselves, while also learning from others.

The very best thing about La Lumiere is:
The environment that is created by the students is great to be around. Young people keep me young, and I am often inspired by the example of the students of how they treat each other with respect and foster a community where they can grow and develop into adults who will contribute something positive to our world.