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La Lumiere

Hall of Fame


La Lumiere School is proud to recognize alumni and coaches for outstanding contributions to our athletic program. Their commitment, achievement, and sense of sportsmanship set the standard for young athletes who follow in their footsteps.


Inductees are chosen based on a level of excellence and commitment to a particular sport. Consideration is also given to candidates who participated in multiple sports during their careers, even if their level of success varied in those sports. For further details about process and criteria for induction to the Hall of Fame, please click here.


2018 Individual Inductees:

Christopher S. Balawender, Faculty: Football, Track & Field

Michael E. Delgado, Class of 1985: Football, Wrestling, Baseball

James C. Gaffigan, Class of 1984: Football, Wrestling, Track & Field

Michael R. Grote, Class of 1985: Football, Basketball, Baseball

Daniel C. Hillenbrand, Class of 1984: Soccer, Wrestling, Track & Field

Michael H. Kennedy, Class of 1986: Soccer, Basketball, Baseball, Track & Field

Joseph C. Linnen, Class of 1984: Football, Basketball, Baseball

Daniel E. Rosshirt, Class of 1984: Soccer, Basketball, Baseball

Victor P. Smith, Class of 1986: Wrestling and Football

David W. Webster, Class of 1984: Football, Wrestling, Track & Field

2018 team inductees:

1975-76 Soccer Team:

William J. Ashenden ’76, Jerry Backman ’79, David E. Boettcher ’76, John M. Buzia ’78, David A. Collins ’77, James L. Coppens, Thomas C. Dorman ’77, Peter N. Grote ’79, Jonathan E. Hicks ’78, Rick Hoffman ’78, Kevin P. Igoe ’76, Guy W. Lenardo ’76, Deacon Richard S. Magenis, Rodney J. Mannion ’78, Perry A. March ’79, Paul C. Marhoefer ’78, Daniel Marsch ’78, Mark Marsch ’76, Shawn W. McArdle ’76, Cecil Murray ’79, David N. Rentschler ’77, Peter R. Rentschler, Jr. ’76, Thomas M. Rosshirt ’77, R. Keith Sandin ’77, Lawrence P. Sullivan, Jr. ’76, Richard D. Vidri ’78, H. David Wood ’77, Harold J. Zegers ’78



Attend the induction ceremony


RSVP and purchase tickets online by February 5, 2018 by completing the form below.
Jackets requested. All times are Central.


FEbruary 17, 2018

1:00 pm:  Gather in the Moore House / Tours
1:45 pm:  Nominees report to the marsch gymnasium
2:00 pm:  la lumiere vs. lake forest academy varsity boys basketball game
halftime:  nominee recognition
4:00 pm:  cocktails, dinner, induction ceremony in moore house


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