Where Should I drop off my child each day before school?

The school day begins at 8:15 a.m. with Morning Meeting in the Fine Arts Building (FAB) — the first building you will see in the parking lot. Please pull into the drive and circle around the parked cars that are in the upper parking lot to drop your child off at the FAB doors. We have determined that there is not ample space to turn around in front of the Academic Building or in front of Moore House and this area becomes very congested when it is used as a drop off location.

How will I know when La Lumiere cancels or delays school during inclement weather?

In the event that school is delayed or cancelled, there will be an announcement on WNDU Channel 16 (South Bend, Indiana) television and their website (www.wndu.com), WSBT Channel 22 (South Bend and Mishawaka, Indiana) television and their website (www.wsbt.com), Michigan City WEFM (95.9 FM), La Porte WLOI (1540 AM), La Porte WCOE (96.7 FM), and Valparaiso WLJE (105.5 FM). In addition, an automated phone message will be sent to parents of day students.

How can I contact the school nurse?

La Lumiere’s Health Center (located downstairs in Moore House) is staffed with a licensed, registered nurse Monday through Thursday from 7:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. with 24-hour on-call availability. Boarding students who are ill should report to Director of Health Services, Andrea Smith, between 7:45 and 8:15 a.m. The school nurse will then determine whether the student goes to class, stays in the nurse’s office, or goes back to the dorm. After hours and on weekends, each student’s needs are attended to by the evening/weekend duty staff or dorm parents. The faculty and staff of La Lumiere School have received CPR, AED (Automated External Defibrillation) and basic first aid training. You may email Mrs. Smith or call the Main Office at 219-326-7450 with questions or concerns.

Who do I contact for attendance?

If a day student is ill and unable to attend classes, parents or guardians are to call (219-326-7450) or email the School before 8 a.m., Monday through Friday. Parents of Boarding students should call (219-326-7450) or email (permissions@lalumiere.org) the Main Office by 6 p.m. the evening before if their child is unable to return to school from home because of illness. Absences not communicated in this manner will be considered unexcused, meaning students will not be allowed to make up any missed tests, quizzes, or assignments. For special family events, parents or guardians must contact and receive prior approval from Assistant Head of School, Bryan Smith, or Director of Student Life, Kasey Leake.

What Happens if my child is tardy?

The school day begins for all students at 8:15 a.m. with Morning Meeting. Students who are late for Morning Meeting will be marked as tardy. Any student who is late to school and missed Morning Meeting for any reason must report to the Student Services Office before going to their first class. A work detail before or after school will be assigned for students who are tardy to school and/or class by Director of Student Life, Kasey Leake.

How does my boarding student get permission to leave campus?

If a boarding student wants to leave campus for a weekend, an evening out with parents, a weekend day trip, or a break, the procedure for each situation varies; however, anytime a student leaves campus the following must occur:

A parent or legal guardian must give permission by emailing (permissions@lalumiere.org) or calling the School (219-326-7450), or stopping by the Main Office in person. The permission should include how, when, and with whom the child will be leaving. Boarding students will be allowed to leave campus with the permission of Director of Residential Life, Mike Heffron; Director of Student Life, Kasey Leake; or the Head of School, Adam Kronk.

When a student is invited to another student’s home, the school needs permissions called in from both sets of parents. It is always best to call ahead because there may be times when a student has an academic, discipline, or room inspection “hold” and may not be permitted to leave, or a student may be required to attend a school event. Exceptions may be made only by Head of School, Adam Kronk; Assistant Head of School, Bryan Smith; Director of Student Life, Kasey Leake; or Director of Residential Life, Mike Heffron.

Students must sign out and in at the Main Office so the school knows whether the student is on campus. If the Main Office is closed, students should call the Master of the Weekend at (219) 363-3928 to verify their departure and return from and to campus.

When departing for and returning from major school breaks such as Fall Weekend, Thanksgiving Break, Christmas Break, Spring Break, and Easter Weekend, permissions procedures will remain the same; however, students will sign out and in with their dorm parents in the dormitories.

If a boarding student leaves campus with a faculty member, provides child care for a faculty family, visits a student that lives on campus in faculty housing, or attends an outing in a designated faculty area, the student must notify either the Main Office or the Master of the Weekend to verify their whereabouts prior to departing campus.

How Can I make a tuition payment?

To make a secure online payment to La Lumiere School for tuition, deposits, or fees, please click on the link above. Please note that payment of a monthly bill is due within 30 days. A late fee equal to 1.5% of the overdue balance will be added to the account and charging privileges on campus will be revoked for any account more than 30 days in arrears. Questions about your monthly bill are welcome and should be directed to Director of Finance and Operations, Cindy Pagels, or Manager of Student Accounts, Sandy Allshouse.

What happens if my child does not meet the proper uniform requirements?

Students who are deemed out of dress code will be asked to correct their mistake prior to being allowed into the Morning Meeting. If the student is unable to correct the issue that day, Director of Student Life, Kasey Leake, or designee will issue a pass to the student to advise his or her classroom teachers that the violation has been noted. Repeated violations of dress code policy will result in disciplinary consequences to include work details before and/or after school, denied entry to class, and the parents/guardian will be called.

What are meal charges for day students?

The school provides lunch free of charge for day students, but breakfast and dinner are available for an additional cost. Day students will be charged $5 per day for breakfast and $8 per day for dinner. If he or she only wants a beverage, there is a $2 charge per meal. The School will continue to serve meals to day students free of charge on days when a required athletic event follows dinner or when the student is traveling with one of our teams. There are also special occasions, such as Thanksgiving and Christmas, when students will be invited to attend a meal at no charge to the families.

What is the school's internet outage policy?

In order to protect our boarding students’ overall physical, emotional, and academic well-being, and to help them manage technology and make healthy life choices in the digital age, La Lumiere School maintains a closely-managed internet outage policy. On school nights (Sunday through Thursday), the internet is unavailable to students from 11:00 PM until 6:00 AM CST. On weekends (Friday and Saturday), the internet is unavailable to students from 12:00 AM until 6:00 AM CST. These times coincide with the normal lights-out policy. We recognize that some families may be communicating with their students during the night due to time differences or busy schedules. We ask that these communications take place between 6:00 AM and 11:00 PM on school nights.

What parent volunteer opportunites are available?

La Lumiere School encourages parents to volunteer! Some of volunteer options available to our parents include helping serve food during athletic events, at lunch during Parents Weekend, and assisting during Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner. Please contact Susie Yemc if you are interested in volunteering.