A Sonnet for Baseball Fans


La Lu Baseball had the opportunity to play at Gary SouthShore RailCats’ U.S. Steel Yard stadium over the weekend, and the Laker fan section didn’t disappoint!

In honor of the experience, the fans, and Shakespeare’s birthday, coach and English teacher Matt Buchanan wrote a sonnet and delivered it at morning meeting.

“To the Fans: A Sonnet (almost)”

Oh, fans! You faced cold, frigid air n’all
To watch a game, to make your voices heard:
You brought the wave—buoyed by rally calls
We took a tie ballgame into the third.

They brought in their ace who brought in the heat
Still you encouraged us all, undeterred.
We dropped a ball (or six) in defeat,
But through it all know your voices were heard.

We’ll remember the hits, the runs, your wave
And forget the final score of the game
We’ll forget the homerun-walk up we gave
Or the opposing hurler’s fireball flames.

We’ll remember the foul ball Jon smashed to train tracks—
But, most of all, we’ll remember the night we looked to the stands, and you waved back.

(Photo by Cassidy Rehrer ‘18)