Support is Everywhere at La Lu


Did you know? Students at La Lumiere receive support from their teachers in class, their coaches, advisors, peers, and special figures like Mrs. E in the Student Services Center, Mrs. Funderburg (who is called “Mom” by more than her own children) in the Main Office, and Mrs. Monroe, who offers wellness and counseling services. Boarding students have an added layer of family-like support at school, having their own dorm parents and a host of other faculty who live on campus nearby.

For La Lu faculty, raising children to be their strong, successful, authentic selves is both a profession and a life choice. Whether it’s to each other or to an adult in any role on campus, there’s no shortage of people to whom students can turn in times of need.

Pictured: Freshmen helping each other cross “the wall” during their last Freshman Friday – a program that helps first-year students adjust to high school, integrate themselves into La Lu life, and support each other throughout their journey as Lakers.