Thank You Mrs. E


If you've been a student, parent, or even friend of La Lumiere at any time over the last 10 years, chances are you know Susie Eguizabal – and possibly quite well. Mrs. E is the glue of the school, and as the friendly face behind the desk at the Student Services Center, students can't help but be touched by her warm smiles as they pass through the halls day in and day out.

"She's like a mother to all of us," says one student. "She provides mental support, support with any issues you might have, she's a friend... And she provides candy!" As if that wasn't enough, Mrs. E coordinates the SSC and all academic events – including Graduation and the Taste of La Lumiere!

If you haven't met her yet, stop by, say hi, and treat yourself to some candy from her apparently never-ending supply. It will brighten your day.