Meet Tim Earles - Math, Science, and Res Life Guru


Tim Earles is a new face at La Lumiere. New, at least, to those who may not have been around in the last few years. But he’s already managed to leave an important mark – he’s been a leader on the annual Nicaragua spring break service trip for the last four years, and is a math teacher, Science Olympiad coach, and dorm parent.

Sophomore Ben Park has lived in Mr. Earles’ dorm throughout this school year. They have a tight relationship. “He’s like a brother to me,” says Ben. “He helps me out with anything serious in my life and I help him out, too.” Once, when Ben was feeling especially homesick for his family and home of San Diego, Mr. Earles planned a special outing for the two of them to help Ben feel more at home. “He took me to the beach and we played Spikeball and then got Mexican food,” he recalls. “I love that we can have that type of relationship.”

Other guys in Mr. Earles’ house are used to him spending time with them in their rooms and making meals together – and those are just a couple ways he makes it feel like their home away from home.