Alexis Wang and Rocky Guo Intern with Giant Pandas


Yi (Alexis) Wang ‘19 and Qishen (Rocky) Guo ‘20 are taking their education WAY beyond the classroom this summer. They’re currently working at China Conservation and Research Center for the Giant Panda in Huaying mountain, in the SiChuan province of China.

Their job? Hanging out with and caring for pandas. Every day, they clean the pandas’ living quarters. Then, they feed them sticks of bamboo and what Alexis calls “panda cakes” – a mixture of corn and other veggies. “Even humans can eat them,” she says.

But their final duty is not so glamorous: collecting data on panda feces to ensure the bears are in good health. Still, nothing compares to learning how to care for and conserve the population and habitat of these furry friends.