La Lu Students Show Up

Not only did La Lu students “show up” to class this past year – they took their education into their own hands, molded it into the extraordinary, and “owned it” the whole way through.

This past semester alone, students developed and led, with the help of teaching faculty and the Director of Student Leadership, elective courses in music history, computer programming, and visual media in society. Students were responsible for coordinating guest speakers, creating content for informative school assemblies, and developing building and gardening projects on campus. And this is only a tiny slice of everything they accomplished.

The Office of Student Leadership regularly invites students of all ages to step forward with original ideas for academic and extracurricular programming, and gives them the tools and support to successfully implement these plans. Already, students are formulating ideas for new elective courses, clubs, and projects for the coming school year. They’re proving that leadership, whether it’s on display for everyone to see or behind the scenes, starts with a fire.