Longtime Laker Kasey Leake Leaves a Mark


Kasey Leake (formerly known as Ms. Ryan) has been a math teacher at La Lumiere since 2001, but her La Lu story begins much earlier than that. Her time as a boarding student here in the early 90’s inspired her to return as a teacher because she wanted to help provide the same life-changing educational experience to others that she received herself.

Why La Lu? In short: “Family,” she says, “and the consistency and stability of this environment.”

Senior Cassidy Rehrer has a special relationship with Mrs. Leake, who has been not only Cassidy's teacher, but her coach and advisor for four years. “I’m going to cry! I’m a senior,” Cassidy said when asked how her relationship with Mrs. Leake has impacted her La Lu experience. “She’s my mentor. She knows everything about me. Whether it’s in school or out of school, she takes time out of her day to listen to me and be there for me.”

La Lumiere has been a part of Mrs. Leake’s life for over 20 years now, and her role as a supportive figure in the La Lu community grows each year. She became the Director of Student Life in 2014 and continues to teach math classes.