Another Orientation Week in the Books

Orientation Week 2018 proved that one of the most important traditions at La Lumiere School is going strong as ever. 

Sunday, August 12 marked Opening Day, where new and returning families alike showed up to register, buy uniforms and La Lu gear, choose their fall semester activities, and move into their dorms. Junior and senior students on the orientation crew "The Wave" helped guide new families around campus as they completed registration.


Registration concluded with addresses to new and returning parents from Adam Kronk, Head of School, as students made their way to athletic practices. Per tradition, the evening activities commenced with an all-school meeting where students met faculty members and heard from Mr. Kronk about critical community updates.

Among those updates was the introduction of three new phrases to live by that the students and faculty will use to guide their experience throughout the year. 


Compared to "We seek the light in one another," and "We're here to get better," the third of these phrases, "Bring your own Doritos," doesn't quite seem to fit. But it won over the students and faculty and is guaranteed to become the unofficial theme for the year.

The phrase comes from the idea that if you want Doritos at a party, you should bring them, and not simply expect them to be there. (If you don't like Doritos, don't worry – substitutions are allowed.) In other words, this year, students and faculty will strive to bring new ideas, suggestions, or attitudes to the table if they seek a change in any aspect of school life.

With that inspiration in mind, students brought fresh energy to their first Head's Cup team meetings. Moore, Webster, Bunting, and Sullivan gathered independently to distribute team shirts and play ice-breaking games to conclude the evening.


Rev. Paul Kollman of the University of Notre Dame's Department of Theology and Center for Social Concerns offered the first Mass of the school year on Tuesday of Orientation Week. He called attention to the Ancient Greek terms "chronos" – meaning time according to the clock – and "kairos" – meaning the greater sense of a moment or opportunity, urging students to strive to live with a greater sense of the moment this year, and to "let the Spirit guide [them] into the richness and fullness of the light."


The remaining days of Orientation Week saw mini-classes, two-a-day athletic practices, summer reading review, and Minute-to-Win-It practice among Head's Cup teams.

These practices were in preparation for Wednesday evening's Minute-to-Win-it-style showdown for all students and faculty, and included wacky challenges like blowing plastic cups off of tables with the air inside a balloon, and flipping coffee cups right-side-up and then scoring ping pong ball baskets inside them, among others. 

Defending Head's Cup champion team Moore came in second place by a narrow margin, with team Bunting, which has never taken home a championship, in first place. The team appeared decidedly stunned to have won, but are thrilled to have a leg up at the start of the year. Team Sullivan took home third place and Webster came in last.


The week concluded – as it should on a campus that has its own lake with sandy shores – with a beach bash on Friday night. Students munched on Hawaiian ice and even had the chance to use a dunk tank on each other. And, of course, Lake La Lumiere was open for paddle boarding, kayaking, and cannon-balling.


Luckily, the fun doesn't stop there.