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Board of Trustees



Meg Caplice ‘81

P ’10, ’12, ’14, ’17, ’19
Michigan City, Indiana


La Lumiere is about stepping outside your comfort zone and finding a whole community supporting you there and relishing your success.


Rick-jan Dekker

P ’13, ’14
La Porte, Indiana


La Lumiere is a special place where your child gets prepared for the rigors of life after high school. A caring, engaged faculty builds confidence in the students and teaches them study habits and communication skills required for college. Topping off the experience is a focus on building the character of your student as they transition into adulthood.


Connie Falcone ‘83

P '19
Chair, Wilmette, Illinois


To me, La Lumiere stands for boldness. La Lumiere faculty challenged me to quit coasting and start soaring. I discovered confidence when others believed in me and the community supported me as a unique individual, not a graduation statistic. While the world around us has changed considerably since I graduated, La Lumiere’s community still challenges students to be the best they can be.


Terri Carmichael Jackson

P ‘17
Germantown, TN


For our family, La Lumiere is more than a terrific school community nestled in the northwest corner of the state. For us, it is where our son came into his own, excelled. And where my husband and I learned how to parent a young adult. 


Dan Kerrigan ‘80

Hong Kong, China


I often tell young people the biggest mistake you can make is to not set your expectations high enough. La Lumiere is a place where you can discover and cultivate your gifts, and become the best version of yourself. 


Keith Krause ‘94

Park Ridge, Illinois


La Lumiere nurtures both the body and spirit through the freedom to explore ideas and cultures in a safe and open setting.


Adam Kronk

La Porte, Indiana


Because every member of our community is invested in this place. There's buy in. Doesn't matter if you're a freshman or a senior, a department chair or a part of the maintenance team, an alum from 40 years ago or a new boarding parent—it's your school and you're a part of making it as great as it can be. People are here to grow, to become more complete versions of themselves. And with that foundation, amazing things happen.


Johanna Miller

Michigan City, Indiana


Each time I come to campus, I anticipate the smiling students who will greet me although I've never met them, the engaged, conversational teachers, and the beauty of the lake and pine woods.

Each time I leave the campus, I have a feeling of energized confidence, so honored to be a part of such a unique "second family".

Shetal Patel

P '19, '20
Granger, Indiana


As a La Lumiere trustee it is an honor to be involved in enhancing the future through education and inspiration.”

J Rea Head Shot 1 Favorite.jpg

Jeff Rea

P '20
South Bend, Indiana


My daughter Brenna (2020) is a current student and has found La Lu to be a perfect fit. Great students, top notch faculty and administrators, a welcoming and caring community, we don’t believe there is a better place. We’re proud to be part of the La Lu family.


John E. Rose ‘94

Chicago, Illinois


Colleen Smith

P ’14, ’16, ’19, '21
Richland, Michigan


La Lu is a second home for the Smith Family - compassion, faith, cultural, academic and athletic support on a daily basis has created a nurturing and morally sound environment for our children. 


Kevin Sullivan ‘83

Carmel, Indiana


I received an education from educators who deeply cared about my personal success and well-being. I participate on the Board of Trustees at La Lumiere to support teachers who continue to immerse themselves in the complete education of great kids.  I participate on the Board to give back to the remarkable community that gave me a world-class education.”


Bridget Van Eekeren ‘88

P ’13, ’16, ’17
Western Springs, Illinois


Because high school should be more than classes, grades and ACT prep, it should be a place where you can grow up, learn who you are, make mistakes and feel accepted. La Lu feels like home, and that feeling never leaves you.  


Daniel Walsh Jr. ’95

Chicago, Illinois


La Lumiere isn’t just a school; La Lumiere is a family.


Rev. Wayne Watts

Chicago, Illinois


At La Lumiere, character, kindness, service, and respect count. Happiness exudes from the community. It's a place where all are deeply valued. 


H. David Wood ‘77

Scottsdale, Arizona


Unknowingly at the time, La Lumiere challenged me at every level and gave me the tools I needed in life to turn the ordinary into extraordinary.  Educationally, physically and spiritually, La Lumiere prepared me for what life can and would throw at me.  I came to realize over the years that my personal toolbox was filled with tremendous capabilities.  I would not be the person I am today without La Lumiere and the La Lumiere Family.